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We could not do this without our amazing customers, we are humbled by your support. We are a made-to-order brand and have always had a back-log of orders. Without inventory we can keep our pricing affordable, high quality, and stylistically diverse. Prior to COVID, we were about 75% fulfilled from our holiday rush. Some orders were past the 90-day timeline we quoted people. For the first time in years, we have decided to stop taking new orders on completely made-to-order shoes, until we get up to 80% fulfilled. We plan on only taking new orders on shoes that are partially made (we usually stock some of our best-selling uppers, the top portion of the shoe without the sole). These shoes we can be finished quickly. According to our web team, we have the most repeat customers of any other brand they manage. I am honored to have such loyal customers who have never lost faith in our mission.

All of the styles in this collection are PREMADE UPPERS which means that the leather, lining and hardware have been cut, sewn and assembled without the sole being added.This allows us to add the sole upon it being ordered. Since orders enter the production line "first come first serve" please allow approximately 10-12 days for us to prepare and process this shoe for shipping.

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All Modern Vice boots are hand made in our NYC factory by our highly skilled shoemakers. Our boots are made to order, which eliminates overstock waste and cuts costs.

All Modern Vice boots are hand made in our NYC factory by our highly skilled shoemakers.

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