Wedding Shoes Hand Made in NYC - Customizable

Modern Vice has years of experience in developing custom wedding shoes that meet a wide range of style and budget needs.  Our process allows you to customize your shoes in a number of ways.  We can work with you to pick the sole, color, material, fabrics, etc. to ensure the shoes you end up with are exactly what you want for the wedding of your dreams.

Our factory in the heart of NYC has generations of experience in shoemaking and decades of experience crafting handmade, unique wedding shoes.  Our unique capabilities have allowed us to work with some of the best shoe stores and shoe brands in the world, and we have received rave reviews along the way.  In addition, our flexible manufacturing operations allow us to develop your custom made wedding shoes from start to finish more quickly than any other option available to you, without any sacrifice in quality.

In fact, we are confident that you won’t find another shoe factory that can provide the quality, efficiency, and value that ours produces.  Because of our experience and the fact that we control the entire manufacturing process, our pricing is very competitive and unmatched in the industry.  We believe that we can a tailor a solution to you no matter what your budget is.

Your wedding day is special, and we will help ensure that everyone looks their best on this very important day.  If you are looking for a custom solution for you wedding shoes, then we are certainly a great fit for you.

Please fill out the information and a short message below and a member of our team will get back to you shortly thereafter.  We look forward to speaking with you!