Custom Made Shoes

Modern Vice can make a completely custom made shoe from start to finish and that can serve a wide variety of needs.  Our bespoke shoe process allows you to truly customize any part of the shoe, from the sole to the color, material, fabrics, thickness, shape, and upper pattern design.  We can even make a custom craft inner sole that can be made from measurements of your foot, the height of your arch, and the position of your heel and front toes.  All of these variations and customizations are part of our bespoke process.

Bespoke Shoes for Any Occasion
Our custom made process can be fit for people of any age, from as young as a toddler to an adult.  This process can be a one of a kind shoe just for yourself or it can be part of a bigger event.  We have created custom shoes for a very wide range of events, including weddings, bachelor parties, red carpet events, and more.  This bespoke customization can be for shoes of any type.  It does not have to be for just dress shoes and boots.  It can be for sneakers.  You can create custom made shoes that are casual or fancy or even sporty.  Whatever the purpose, we can work with you and make the perfect shoe for you.  If you have a full design in mind, we will work with you on the best way to go forward.  If you don’t, you can consult with a member of our design to work through the process and decide on the best way to customize your shoe.

We’ve done bespoke work for veterans returning from war with issues with their feet.  We’ve also done our customization work with high-fashion brands.  Whether you want your shoe to be customized for medical purposes or for fashion, we have the capability and experience to get it done.

Generations of shoe design and manufacturing experience
Our factory has generations of experience in shoemaking.  We have made shoes for some of the best shoe stores in the entire world.  We have the capability to work much more quickly than any other factory, without any sacrifice in quality.  We are confident that we can complete the process from beginning to end more than 50% quicker than any other factory you could choose from.  Furthermore, because of unique capabilities, experience, and control of the entire manufacturing process, our pricing is very competitive.

Send us an email at and a member of our design team will get back to you right away.  We look forward to working with you.  If you're looking for custom shoes at a larger scale, check out our private label shoes page.